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There are many opportunities to serve friends, neighbors and strangers in our community and around the world at St. Luke's.

We honor St. Luke’s abiding commitment to the community. Our core ministry commissions are built on love, dignity, and mutual respect.

Find out how you can get involved below. 


Core Ministry Areas 

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Mission and Evangelism

St. Luke's has a long history of serving various organizations in our community. Some key partnerships we partake in as a congregation are the Eastern Area Community Ministries which we are a member, the Kentucky Refugee Ministries, Home for the Innocents among many others. 

All are welcome to serve in any of these ministry areas. 

Core Ministries

Monthly Mission Partners

Each month St. Luke's supports a local, regional, or global charity. We learn about the work of each group and on the final Sunday of each month we take up the collection in support of the mission of that specific organization. 

Past mission partners have included: Kentucky Refugee Ministries, Eastern Kentucky Flood Relief, Food for the Poor, WellSpring Mental Health services, Blessings in a Backpack, Home of the Innocents, Prodigal Ministries, and the Virginia Theological Seminary. 


Worship and Prayer

St. Luke's worship is highly participatory. Each week we rely on many volunteers to make our services happen. There are a range of opportunities available for all types of service. Whether you have been at St. Luke's for decades or twenty minutes, we invite you to join us in glorifying God through service in worship.

Opportunities include: Acolytes, Altar Guild, Lectors and Prayer Leaders, Eucharistic Ministers, Choir and Musicians, Ushers, Livestream Technicians, Wedding Guild and Flower Guild. 

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Teaching and Learning

At St. Luke's we value the importance of education and learning as a part of our spiritual life. We offer a range of learning and teaching opportunities for those in and outside the parish. 

Weekly Bible Study and Adult Formation classes cover a wide range of Biblical, historical, and cultural topics throughout the year. Other opportunities include photographic society meetings, guest lectures, and more. 



We believe in the power and importance of building relationships with one another and those in our community. St. Luke's offers a number of ways to fellowship and share God's love and joy. 

The Foyer Groups are a number of small group gatherings once a month for dinner with member and friends of the church. They offer a great way to meet and learn from one another and enjoy each others company. 

Other groups like the Daughters of the King and the Brotherhood of St. Andrew's offer different ways of community, service, and fellowship. 

We also offer a number special events like our Christmas Open House, Silver Tea for Home of the Innocents, Fish Fry's and more. 

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Volunteer Opportunities

If you are interested in volunteering or serving in a mission project at St. Luke's or in one of our core mission areas listed above please contact the church at to find out more information. 

You can also visit the pages of each mission section to find out how you can get involved today! 

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