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About Connections

St. Luke's is committed to providing many opportunities for learning, teaching, and fellowship for individuals and groups in and outside our parish. We offer opportunities throughout the week and year to help build relationships and further our knowledge of the Bible, church history, and deepen our faith. 

We invite you to participate in one of our programs which include Bible studies, discussion groups, and other opportunities within our Diocese and partner parishes. 

We also have several fellowship groups that allow for spiritual growth and the building of relationships.

about connection

Teaching and Learning


Bible Study

Our Wednesday morning Bible Study meets in Board Hall for fellowship and an active discussion of God's word. Our class is led by lay leadership from within the church. Recent classes have focused on the study of Acts and other portions of the New and Old Testaments. You do not need to register for this, just come and bring your Bible. If you do not have one, there are ones provided as well. 

teaching & learning

Adult Formation

Sunday mornings at 9:00 am before church we gather for a time of learning and discussions of a wide variety of topics. These classes can be a part of a series or led by a guest speaker. Topics have included Celtic Christianity, C.S. Lewis and his faith, the history of the Episcopal Church, and more. Breakfast is provided during this time. 

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Fellowship Groups 

Foyer Groups 

Foyer Groups consist of five to seven people (assigned at random) who meet on a rotating basis at a group member's home or a designated location like a restaurant to share a meal, conversation, and fellowship on a six month rotation. 

These are strictly social evenings, and the key is simply to get to know one another better and strengthen our sense of community. 

If you are late to signing up, you can always be added to a substitute list at a later date. Contact to get more information. 

Brotherhood of St. Andrew

The Brotherhood of St. Andrew is an international ministry for men and boys in the Anglican/Episcopal Church. At St. Luke's we welcome those of all genders to join including women and non-binary persons. 

The mission focuses on bringing participants into the deepest possible relationship with our Lord Jesus by following the rules of prayer, study, and service. 

The Brotherhood at St. Luke's is deeply committed to service in our community. Taking an active part in our Lenten Fish Fry's, Christmas and Easter ham sales, and other events are fellowship events that raise funds for different charitable organizations in Anchorage and Louisville. 

If you would like to get involved you can attend a meeting or can contact the church office at for more information.

Daughters of the King 

The international Order of the Daughters of the King is a lay religious order for women.  A daughter pledges herself to a life-long program of prayer, service, and evangelism, dedicated to the spread of Christ's Kingdom and strengthening of the spiritual life of her church. 

The Magnificat Chapter at St. Luke's is active and welcoming new members. They meet frequently for prayer, study, and service projects in the community. 

If you are interested you may attend a meeting or contact the church office at and they will get you in touch with DOK leadership. 

Lay Pastoral Care

St. Luke's is blessed to have an active and compassionate group of people involved in our Pastoral Care efforts.


These are a group of people committed to helping people within our parish with specific needs. There are many different types of roles. Those who are good at listening and caring can be visitors while those who like doing can help buy or prepare meals or write notes for those who are housebound or recovering from illness or surgery. 

This form of fellowship and ministry is often on a one-on-one basis but is deeply meaningful for those in need of care and conversation. 

If you would like to get involved in this group you can contact the church office at to find out what is involved in participating in this group. 

fellowship groups

Interested in Joining?

If you are interested in attending a class or in joining one of the fellowship groups listed above please fill out the form to your right. 

We will be sure to get in touch soon to answer your questions and to provide you with any additional information. 

If you have any other questions please contact our clergy at

Find out more! 

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