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Welcome to our members portal – a place where you can update your contact information, search our membership directory, and request prayers.

If you are not a member of St. Luke’s and would like to join, please sign up below.

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You already belong, let's make it official. 

Whoever you are, wherever you are on your journey, St. Lukes would love to be your spiritual home. As members, we commit to growing, learning, giving, and serving together as the Body of Christ. 

The two main paths to membership here are baptism and confirmation. Anyone who is already baptized can also become a member by transferring from another church or simply requesting to be registered as a member at St. Luke's Church. 

Scroll down to learn more, or start the process right away by getting in touch with our clergy using the button below. 

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Wade in the water...

Baptism is the main pathway to membership at St. Luke's. In it, we are named and claimed as children of God, who promises to be with us always. We believe this promise is constant. Therefore, you can only be baptized once in the Episcopal Church, and we accept baptisms from any Christian community regardless of age, denomination, or how much water was involved in the process. 


Adult baptism is your opportunity to publicly commit to following Christ. The first step is to schedule a conversation with our clergy. They will help address any questions and help guide you through this sacrament. 

Children and Infants

In child baptism, we celebrate God's unconditional love which is present from the beginning. Parents and godparents commit to raising the child in the way of Christ, and the whole community pledges their support as well. To plan the baptism of your child please get in touch with our church office at They will help you schedule a time and a meeting with clergy to lead you through the process. 


This clip comes from the Episcopal Church's Celebrating Baptism series. To view more click here

Claim your faith

Confirmation represents a seeping awareness and commitment to the love of God poured out in baptism. It involves a season of study and reflection, culminating in a ceremony performed by the Bishop where adults and teens publicly affirm their desire to follow Christ. 

The ceremony is officiated by the bishop who lays hands and prays over each participant, connecting us to the church across time and space. 

While encouraged, confirmation is not necessary for membership. Baptism is the sole requirement. 

Those who have already been confirmed or made an adult profession of faith in another denomination may instead be formally received into the Episcopal Church. Being received is similar to being confirmed with slightly different wording in the ceremony. 

Have Questions? 
Diversity of thought and perspective is welcomed here.

At St. Luke's we view curiosity and doubt as essential to spiritual growth. Throughout the Bible we meet numerous questioning people who wrestle with God and give voice to unbelief. Jesus himself offered more questions than answers. 

We do not think conformity of belief is necessary to belong in our community. We welcome your questions and invite you to bring your whole self to the St. Lukes community, where you will be met with openness and love. Wherever you are on your journey, we count it an honor to walk it with you, as we seek the path towards ever-deepening transformation and joy in God. 

How can we be here for you? Our clergy and staff would be glad to talk. 

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