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St. Luke's relies on the generosity and faithful stewardship of its members and friends to our mission. Your gift or pledge funds our ministry, church operations, and services that bless so many people throughout our community. 

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2024 Stewardship: More than Enough 

Dear people of St. Luke's, 

As God’s people, we believe that as in the story of Jesus multiplying a few loaves and fishes to feed thousands, when we share what God has given us, miracles happen, for God gives us “More Than Enough.”

We have shown this year that we have more to give and to do in the life of our church. If you have not given yet or would like to do so please use the buttons. 

You can explore your options for giving below. 

Thank You St. Luke's,




Ways to Give 


You can mail checks or pledge card to St. Luke's Episcopal Church, 1206 Maple Lane, Anchorage, KY, 40223. 


Use the form at this link to make a one-time contribution or pledge payment with a credit card. 


Download the App for your phone to make giving easier. Follow the prompts to create an account and start giving.

Download App


Click the button below to set up a reoccurring payment plan for your donation or pledge. 

2023 Giving
Ways to give

Contact Us

If you have any questions about giving or are having issues with any of the formats listed above, please email us at and we will be in touch in touch shortly. 

We remain grateful for your continued support and prayerful giving to St. Luke's and its mission in the world. If you are interested in Planned. Giving through the Endowment Committee we can provide you with the needed information in due course. 

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