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A Message to the Parish

We want to thank every member and friend of St. Luke's for their participation in our Rector Search process up to now. Your support, prayers, and input is invaluable and a necessary part of the process for the Search Committee. 

Over the past eight months we have worked diligently as a committee under the consultation of Rev. Mark Feather our Interim Rector and Search Process consultant to formulate different activities and opportunities for engaging our parish. 

We focused on key areas: heritage, mission, leadership, connections, and future. Exploring these areas has helped us as a committee and a parish be able to clarify our identity to help us better communicate where we have been, who we are now, and our dreams for the future. 

All of this work and input resulted in the competition of our Office of Transitional Ministry documents including our Parish profile, Community Ministry profile, and Rector profile. All of these are requirements for this process and their completion and careful creation allow for us to create an accurate and inspiring profile for potential candidates.

The Search Committee will be making further announcements and updates about the next phase of our process. If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact a member. 


St. Luke's Search Committee 

Fofo Johnson, Co-Chair 

Joshua Anderson, Co-Chair

Lydia Lewis, Vestry 

Rick Rummel, Vestry 

Phillip Fletcher, Congregation 

Ruth Neaveill, Congregation 

Jane Casada, Vestry 

Jon Siegrist, Congregation 

Priscilla Bond, Congregation 

Doug Sanders, Vestry 

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Rector Search Updates

We want to keep you up to date about the ongoing search for our new rector. Please consult below for a written update and information about the timeline going forward. Again, if you have any questions please reach out to a committee member. 


We want to share a rough timeline of past and future milestones in the Search Process. The position is now live across the country which means a new phase of the process begins. This remains an exciting and important moment for our parish. Please consult the information below so you can follow what we anticipate will be happening over the coming weeks and months. 


Frequently Asked Questions 

We pray that our next Rector will be a skilled collaborator, able to support our strong lay leadership and staff. Our next Rector will join us in welcoming visitors and be willing and able to speak to the needs of parishioners in their daily lives. We seek an individual who can inspire, motivate, and hold us accountable, and occasionally make us a little uncomfortable. 

Qualities we desire in our rector are a passion for good communication, humor, liturgy and music, empathy, humility, candor, innovation, energy, and approachability. 

We want to welcome a rector into our community who can worship with us, work with us, cry with us, laugh with us, and share in the joy that comes from being a part of St. Luke's. 

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