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Visitors / Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Get to St. Luke’s?

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Where do I Park?

St. Luke’s has parking on both sides of the church. Left side has an upper and lower level. The left-upper has signs posted for visitors. Left side both levels have signs posted for Handicap parking. Right side has posted signs for Handicap parking with side door with no steps to climb to enter the church.
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How will I be greeted?

You will be welcomed warmly by our Ushers stationed at both entrances. They will provide you with a bulletin to be used during the service. Our bulletin has everything you will need to participate fully in the service. The bulletin will also have announcements concerning the upcoming activities of our church life.

How will I know where to go?

After you receive your bulletin from the Ushers, the sanctuary is straight ahead. You can sit anywhere you would like in the Sanctuary. If you arrive after the service has begun, the Ushers may delay your entrance into the worship space during the Opening procession or the Gospel procession.

How do people dress for church?

Some of the folks at St. Luke’s will dress up for worship and some will be casual, but we welcome you to come however you feel comfortable.

When and how long are the services?  [Due to COVID, we are offering LIVE streaming on Sunday at 10:00am]

Saturday: 5:30pm (Rite II)-More contemporary/casual service. Music is provided by our Reflections group. Service time: about an hour.
Sunday: 8:00am (Rite I)-Traditional language service/No music at this time. Service time: about forty-five minutes.
Sunday: 10:00am (Rite II)-Traditional service with organ/choir. Service time about one hour and ten minutes.

How will I know how to follow the service?

The Ushers will provide you with a Service Bulletin as you enter the Sanctuary. The bulletin will be your road map for use in our services. Almost all prayers are in the bulletin and hymn numbers are given for songs. Our services follow The Book of Common Prayer and The Hymnal 1982, both of which are provided for you in the pew racks.
The clergy leading the service will announce the appropriate page numbers for the sections of the service in which you are invited to participate.

What can my kids do during worship?

By all means, bring your family!
We welcome all children to remain for the entirety of the liturgy; however we also offer additional options for young children, as mentioned below:

  • We offer a nursery for ages 0-3 during our Sunday, 10:00am  service .  Our ushers can direct you to our nursery which is located downstairs below our parish hall.
  • Children’s Chapel for ages 3-7 offers an age appropriate experience of worship. They go downstairs during the Hymn before the Gospel reading. They will return right before Holy Communion.

What kinds of sermons will I hear?

Sermons are along the lines of honest reflections on the wisdom of the scriptures connecting with everyday life. They focus on how God works through Jesus and the Holy Spirit to inspire and challenge us to comfort, strengthen and guide us.
Our sermons usually run between 10 and 15 minutes in length.

What version of the Bible is used?

While many versions may be heard, in general we use the New Revised Standard Version of the Bible.

When and how is Communion celebrated?

We celebrate Communion every Sunday.
Communion is open to all who have been baptized and is celebrated with wafers and wine.
The Acolytes will direct each row to the alter rail.

How do services end?

At the end of the service there is usually a recessional hymn and the priest, choir and worship team members will exit to the back of the Sanctuary.
Many people stay to enjoy the informal conversations.

Can I meet with the priest and staff?

The priests and some of the staff are available as you exit the church after the service, so feel free to come up and say hello.

Can I just be a “quiet visitor”?

Yes! When you visit St. Luke’s, you can initiate as much or as little contact with others according to your comfort level.
We do not require visitors to identify themselves; however, we do want  to encourage you to make yourself known when the time is right for you.
You may do so by filling out one of our welcome cards in the pew racks, or by introducing yourself to an usher or a member of the clergy.